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Abacus ExamPrep will not be offering review seminars in June 2018.

For June 2018, we highly recommend that you register with Alberta Diploma Prep for all your diploma review courses. We will be returning in January 2019.

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  1. Exam Dates: This link takes you to the Diploma Exam Schedule.
  2. Diploma Exam Information: Contains the main links page of all documents related to diploma exams. Each of these items has an individual link below, along with an explanation of what information you may find useful in the document. This main page contains links to subject information bulletins, recently released questions, diploma study guides for Biology, English and Social, and data booklets, sample questions for Biology and Chemistry, and previous diploma exams (2001/2002 only).
    1. Standards and Exemplars: Select the EXEMPLARS link. These are very good documents for reviewing as it contains excellent examples of the style and level of questions on the diploma exam. They are particularly good for Math and Science questions. English and Social present their information as Examples of Student Writing.
      See individual subject resources for more resource links.
    2. Recently Released Questions: These are the most recent released questions from the diploma exams. It's a very good idea to review these before the diploma or chapter exams. Teachers often use these as models for test questions.
    3. Diploma Subject Information Bulletins Although Information Bulletins are mainly for teachers, it and the Standards and Exemplars documents have some good questions and examples to look at when studying for a test or doing review. Remember, this is what your teacher is looking at to see what kind of questions to ask and teach. Sometimes they take questions right from these books without even changing the numbers.
  3. Superb collection of subject information from Alberta Education. Must register online (simple and quick) and will you will need the USERNAME & PASSWORD from your school. Librarian, teachers, guidance and office should be able to tell you. (or Google search for it). Videos, practice tests, and links to other resources. For all subjects.
  4. Diploma Study Guides for Students: Guides on how to study and write the diploma exams for Biology, English and Social. A more general page for all things related to the diploma exam, rewrites, payments, etc. visit Preparing for Diploma Exams
  5. Diploma Marks online / Transcript Requests: You will require your Alberta Student Number (ASN) for online requests and transactions. Get this from your guidance counsellor, the main office at your school, or you can request it online, but it takes 3 days to have them send you your ASN by email.
  6. ALIS — Alberta Learning Information Service: Excellent resource for students to research careers and occupations, jobs, educational loans, apprenticeships, or work opportunities.