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Abacus Biology 30 - Alberta Diploma Exam Prep

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Biology 30 LINKS:

Here are some links to online diploma review information to help you prepare for your regular unit tests and final diploma exam in Biology 30. For diploma review info, the Alberta Education bulletins (Standards and Exemplars) are the best to look at for examples of Diploma-type questions.
For additional practice questions, try Quest A+ and ExamBank links. Quest A+ does not require a password. ExamBank does. Search the web if your school does not have its own password (ask your teacher if they have one). Read the info paragraphs first, so you can decide what you wish to review.

  1. Alberta Education:
    1. Biology 30 Assessment Exemplars: This is the Alberta Education document that teachers use to determine the depth of the topics to teach and the types of question that will be on the diploma exam. It is very useful as a practice set of questions for unit test and diploma review.
    2. Recently Released Biology 30 Questions: These are the most recent released questions from the Biology 30 diploma exams. It is very good to review these before the diploma or unit exams. Teachers often use these as models for test questions and even use the exact same question unchanged.
    3. Biology 30 Information Bulletins: Though subject bulletins are mainly for teachers the Standards and Exemplars document has some very good questions and examples to look at when studying for a test or doing review. Remember, this what your teacher is looking at to see what kind of questions to ask and teach. Sometimes they take questions right from this book without even changing the numbers.
    4. Collection of subject information from Alberta Education. Must register online and will need Username & Password from your school. Your teacher or librarian will know it. (or Google search for it). To refine your results, search using KEYWORD = "subject of interest" Grade = 12. Provides links to videos, practice tests, and other resources. Useful for all subjects but it may be challenging to find specific topic materials. Other resources generally better.
  2. EXAMBANK: ExamBank is a national question bank with questions in a variety of subject from many provinces. It cost money to use the bank, but many school boards pay for their whole system to use it. Ask your teacher or librarian for the school’s password (or Google search for a password)
  3. QUEST A+: Quest A+ is an online source for practice tests/quizzes/exams for a variety of subjects. It is provided free to Alberta students. Its questions are taken from
  4. Nelson Biology 30: Online Student Resources Website. Requires password, but any school who uses this book has free access. Ask your Biology 30 teacher for your school password or do a Google Search for "Nelson Biology 30 Student Password".

There are numerous additional on-line resources and practice items placed there by Alberta Teachers of this course. A Google search will locate Explanations, Notes, Quizzes, YouTube videos, and many other items to help you understand the material in this and all you other courses. Search for: "Subject Name" "Topic" "Item Type* Alberta (*quiz, notes, video, etc.)

If you think you have found a great site for Biology 30 or one of the other diploma courses offered, be sure to send us the link: