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Abacus English 30-1 Alberta Diploma Exam Prep

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English 30 LINKS:

Here are some links to online information to help you prepare for the tests and diploma exam in English 30-1. For "teacher' type info, the Alberta Education "Examples of Standards of Writing" is the best to look at. For practice questions, try Quest A+ and ExamBank links. Read the info paragraph first, so you can decide between the two.

  1. Alberta Education:
    1. English 30-1 Information Bulletin: Worth reading. Important information about how the exam is set-up, worded, presented and marked. Although subject bulletins are mainly for teachers the document has some questions and examples worth looking at to understand how the diploma is presented.
    2. Examples of Standards for Student Writing: These are the most recent released questions from the diploma exams giving examples of student responses and their grades, explaining how they determined their mark. Meant for teachers, they are still the main review materials available for English (and Social).
    3. English 30-1 AB Education Study Guide: Good resource for writing the English 30-1 Diploma. Has good ideas for strategies and has explanations of terminology.
    4. Collection of subject information from Alberta Education, free to all Alberta, students. Must register online and will need USERNAME & PASSWORD from your school. (or Google search for it). Videos, practice tests, and links to other resources. For all subjects. May be challenging to find specific topic materials.
  2. EXAMBANK: ExamBank is a national question bank with questions in a variety of subject from many provinces. It cost money to use the bank, but many school boards pay for their whole system to use it. Ask your teacher or librarian for the school’s password (or Google search for a password)
  3. QUEST A+: Quest A+ is an online source for practice tests/quizzes/exams for a variety of subjects. It is provided free to Alberta students. Its questions are taken from
  4. There are numerous additional on-line resources and practice items placed there by Alberta Teachers of this course. A Google search will locate Explanations, Notes, Quizzes, YouTube videos and many other items to help you understand the material in this and all you other courses. Search for: "Subject Name" "Topic" "Item Type"* Alberta (*quiz, notes, video, etc.)

Some links to other on-line resources:

  1. George McDougall High School: Eng 30-1 Resource Links
  2. Calgary Board of Education: Their ELA resource

If you think you have found a great site for English 30-1 or one of the other diploma courses offered, be sure to send us the link.: