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Abacus ExamPrep will not be offering review seminars in June 2018.

For June 2018, we highly recommend that you register with Alberta Diploma Prep for all your diploma review courses. We will be returning in January 2019.

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Abacus Alberta Diploma Exam Prep | Student Reviews

Only $50 for 13 Hours of Effective Diploma Review

Student Reviews:

English 30-1:

"I chose Abacus because I heard a lot of good things about it from friends and teachers."

"Math helped a lot and so I took Physics too. Both were great!"

"Abacus is well known and accredited. My sister went and recommended it."

"Great program and price. Well made booklet."

"Best value for time and money. Provided excellent instruction."

"Very useful Prep booklet. She covered Part A and B very well. She knows her stuff."

"Great advice on writing the essays, what they are looking for and how it will be marked."

"Mrs. H taught me more in two days than I knew walking in to the seminar."

"Keep my interest and give me strategies I hadn’t thought of."

"Explained all those topics I didn’t understand. Great job of Thesis."

"Very good examples of how to write personal and critical essays."

Biology 30:

"Abacus is inexpensive and Awesome!"

"Instructor did a good job of reviewing notes and giving a lot of good practice questions. Described the nervous system really well. "

"Great instructor. Very helpful seminar. I’ll be taking them in June too."

"I felt like I didn’t know where to start studying and needed teacher guidance. "

"Instructor did a great job of clearing things up for me."

"Got me excited about biology. Helped me really get ready for the diploma."

"Teacher was very definitive and give me confidence. Explained what is on the diploma."

Chemistry 30:

"Mr C. made class interesting and he was VERY helpful."

"Instructor went over the material fast and effectively. Keep on, Keepin’ on."

"Very enthusiastic teacher for Chemistry prep. Really knew his stuff. Explained it well."

"Comprehensive review. Enjoyable. Don’t change a thing!"

"What Abacus did best is EVERYTHING!"

"Good Chem. teacher, very clear with good explanations. Especially cells."

"He reminded me of all the material I forgot and taught me some new better ways to do questions."

"Thanks for having Bill Nye teach your Chemistry."

"He reviewed everything and taught even the tough topics so they could be understood."

"I went because my two sisters went to a bunch. It’s a family thing. ;-) Good Job."

"Chemistry guy provided informative and helpful handouts and explained topics well. Very engaging. Good Teacher. Used time well. Taught absolutely everything."

Math 30-1:

"Instructor was good at showing us new and better ways to do things. Very knowledgable."

"Explained all the materials well. Great Instructor! Great booklet. Keep it up!!"

"It had been advertised as an excellent diploma prep class. Very helpful. 5 stars!"

"Good helpful hints and techniques to remember things. The course was great."

"Good at explaining and summarizing key points. Good job on Trig. Now I understand."

"Very recommended by my teacher from what other students have said over the years."

"Friends recommended it. He explained complex concepts in a simple way."

"Good review. Explains everything. Gives hints for the diploma. Awesome review booklet."

"I went to another one of your seminars. Both were very good."

"Explained the topics very well. Showed lots of diploma examples. Good teacher."

"He cleared up logs and trig and perms and combs. Great review."

"He ensured that everything was thoroughly covered. No changes. Your perfect!"

Math 30-2:

"Instruction was clear and well explained. Didn’t go too fast."

"Good explanations and she reviewed all the topics very well."

"Teacher was available for questions at breaks. Everything was good overall."

"Helped me to refresh and made clear units from the beginning of the semester."

"High quality instruction despite time crunch. Good explanation and insight into diploma."

"Showed many ways to solve equations. Very organized."

"Did a good job of explaining concepts I had previously struggled with in class."

"Showed me algebraic ways and how to do it on my calculator. Much easier."

"Very organized. A great teacher. Well paced. Good tips about diploma questions."

"Really calmed me down about feeling ready for the exam. Thanks."

Physics 30:

"My teacher recommended it. Good call Mr D."

"Excellent Booklet! He explained concepts and questions thoroughly."

"Very humorous. Explained major concepts effectively."

"5 out of 5, awesome!"

"Kept me focused and interested. "

"Can’t recommend any improvements to the course."

"Notes were straight forward, understandable and kept it interesting."

"Will highly recommend it to my friends and use Abacus in June too."

"Presenter went through stuff that I didn’t understand with my teacher. Now I do."

"The instructor made sure the whole course was covered and we knew what to expect on the diploma."

Social 30-1:

"Good Booklets. Good info. Good instructor."

"Best thing was the instructor. Good teacher. Great overall review."

"Covered all the information briefly but in depth."

"A lot of friends recommended it. It was great. Really helped me understand Social."

"I feel totally ready for the diploma exam. Thanks a lot."

"Enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who covered all the factors."

"Instructor is very easy to understand and has a very friendly manner."

"Well explained, organized, total review of lots of material."

"Really helped me get ready for the written part of the diploma exam."

"Teacher obviously knew the diploma exam inside out from having marked it so much."

"GREAT teacher! Super informative. Very helpful."

"Very good teacher. Detailed notes. Helpful tips. Really improved my confidence."

"So good I give it a 10 out of 5! Well organized and really well done!"