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Abacus ExamPrep will not be offering review seminars in June 2018.

For June 2018, we highly recommend that you register with Alberta Diploma Prep for all your diploma review courses. We will be returning in January 2019.

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Maryville High School Study Skills site:

Great site with LOTS of links to good study ideas. Be sure to take the Jungian Study Type Inventory. Learn if you're are mainly right-brained or left-brained.

Learning Styles Listening Note Taking Reading
Time Management Concentration Memory Test Preparation
Test Taking Test Anxiety Written Reports Speeches and Presentations

Penn State Study Guide: For college students but still good information for High School students

High School Study Skills:

  1. Are you an effective learner?
  2. Organization
  3. Getting organized: Using time available more efficiently
  4. Long term planning and timetabling
  5. Working out priorities
  6. Looking back on what you've done
  7. Seven steps to dealing with problems
  8. Setting up your study area
  9. Improving your learning ability

How to Study.Com

Notetaking Pegwords Procrastination
Good Listening in Class Tips for Remembering Reading Fluency
Lecture Styles Using Flash Cards Reading Textbooks
Notetaking Tips Studying Setting Goals
Rewriting Class Notes Evaluating Information Sources Study Groups
Taking Notes in Class Flexible Reading Study Habits
Using Abbreviations Improving Concentration Study Motivation
Remembering KWL Chart Types of Information Sources
Acronymic Sentences Managing Time Using Reference Sources
Acronyms Math
Loci Strategy Preparing to Study

Tampa Florida College of Education Study Skills Site:

A variety of links on Study Skills | Test Taking | Test Anxiety | Speaker's Anxiety | Relaxation | Brief Relaxation | Biofeedback | Breathing | Headaches | Anxiety | Neurofeedback | Attention Deficit Disorder |

Exam Writing Tips:

The key is to start early in the semester with your training, yes training, in how to study and how to write exams. This is a learned skill that you can use for the rest of your life, whether you attend post secondary schooling or not.

A major part of reducing test anxiety is being prepared for the exam by studying properly and adequately. If you don't go into an exam prepared, you should be anxious about your success. Here are some sites to help you get started.

General Exam Strategies:

Google has numerous links that give advice for exam strategies. Look at a few and pick one that appeals to how you prepare for an exam. Every post-secondary institution has a webpage devoted to helping its students learn to study and write exams. This is just a sampling of what is out there.

N.A.I.T. has put together a set of exam writing suggestions that will be a good start to address things like exam anxiety, specific question types, memory techniques, study strategies and more.

Monash University: I like this one because is has some practical advice about exam preparation, in particular, mentioning that your should "synch your body rhythms to the exam times." Great advice. Just because you are naturally a "night owl" and feel comfortable staying up till 2 am doesn't mean you should when you have a 9:am diploma exam.

Multiple Choice Strategies:

Google has multiple links that give good advice for multiple choice questions. This is just a sampling of what is out there.

University of Guelph: I like this particular set of strategies for MC exams.

MacEwan College: Another good set of tips for MC exams.