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Abacus Math 30-2 Summary – Alberta Diploma Exam Prep

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Math 30-2 Information Bulletin Summary:

Examination Specifications and Design

Each Mathematics 30-2 Diploma Examination is designed to reflect the core content outlined in the Mathematics 30–2 Program of Studies. The diploma examination was developed to be completed in 2 1/2 hours; however, an additional 1/2 hour is allowed for students to complete the exam.

Diploma Exam Specifications

The format and content of the Mathematics 30–2 Diploma Examinations are as follows:

Question Format Number of Questions Emphasis
Multiple Choice 28 70%
Numerical Response 12 30%

Conceptual, procedural, and problem-solving cognitive levels are addressed throughout the examination. The approximate emphasis of each cognitive level is given below.

Cognitive Level

of Questions

Emphasis Diploma Examination Content Emphasis
Conceptual . 34% Logic & Reasoning 17%
Procedural . 30% Probability 33%
Problem Solving 36% Relations and Functions 50%

Numerical Response Types:

For some numerical-response questions, students are to calculate a numerical answer and record their answer in a separate area of the answer sheet. There are no negative numbers for Numerical Response solutions.

When the answer to be recorded cannot be a decimal value (ie. must be a whole number), students are asked to determine a whole number value: e.g., the number of people is ______; the degree of this polynomial is ______. If the answer can be a decimal value, then students are asked to record their answer to the nearest tenth or nearest hundredth, as specified in the question. Students should retain all decimals throughout the question and round only in the final answer. Other numerical response questions require students to record their understanding of a conceptual idea. Examples of these types of questions are found on the next page.


Sample Questions